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Column: Obamas Celebrity Pitch Has Annoying Ring

This story was written by Trevon Milliard, Montana Kaimin

Presidential candidates are reaching for the young votes this election. Most of their techniques to catch our eyes have nothing to do with the issues or anything that should really matter when it comes to a president.

Its about becoming a celebrity, because thats the easiest way to get our Brangelina-hungry generation to pay attention.

John McCain has a Facebook group and a blog.

Barack Obama also has a Facebook and MySpace page.

Its being done on both sides, but one side is really overdoing it.

I dont want to single out the candidate cough Barack Obama.

The mans Web site has ring tones, wallpapers to choose from and text message updates on his campaign. There are 12 ringtones to download. One has a rapper singing Go, go, go. Obama! Obama! Another has Obama himself shouting, The question I have is: Are you fired up? Are you ready to go? while a rock beat escalates in the background.

Its all the same type of stuff teenagers download off the Jonas Brothers or Will.i.ams Web sites to be blared out every time the phone rings. What makes you think I want to hear your music, not to mention what candidate youre voting for?

But all this is working for the man whos certainly drawin in the younguns by the truckloads. Its easy to see why. Hes young and hip, but hes taking advantage of it. Frankly, its just ridiculous.

Hes done a lot to get college students to treat him like a rock star. Anyone at Aprils rally in Montana's Adams Center can remember what Im talking about.

Before Obama came on stage, a music video by played on a big screen.

It included hot celebs like Scarlett Johannson, John Legend and others repeating Yes, we can.

As the video escalated and the bass shook the floor, all I could think was, Come on. But all these kids were buying it and actually chanting, Yes, we can, along with the song.

All hes doing is trying to get you to follow the people you idolize. Because Scarlett Johansson believes in him, you should too. I think Ill get my advice from somewhere else.

Its all smoke and mirrors. Dont get distracted about where his hands really are. Where does he stand on health care, social security, making college more affordable and what really matters? Do you really know?

Pay attention to the hands.

With more young people than ever voting, we dont need to pick someone thats entertaining. Thats what real celebrities are for.

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