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Column: False Rumor That Bin Laden Funded And Trained By U.S. Still Alive And Well In Liberal Media

This story was written by Jamie Pellek, The BG News

Another year passes by as the liberal media undermines the crucial war on terror. I'm personally sick of the media pumping repulsive myths into the American atmosphere.

Our everyday life is now polluted with ridiculous and unaccredited statements such as: "bin Laden was trained by the CIA," "George W. Bush knew about the threats before Sept. 11," "The Iraq War is another Vietnam," "The U. S. military killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians," "There were no weapons of mass destruction," "Halliburton made a fortune in Iraq," or my personal favorite, "Iraq and al Qaeda aren't related." I'm tired of the liberal media exposing our own country's defenses and anti-terrorism organizations. You're flirting with treason

The liberal media lately has been thriving off of misconstrued, out-of-context, factual stories that now have a little liberal tell-tale added to the end, often with a splash of anti-Americanism. Starting with the fairy tale that bin Laden was funded and trained by the United States.

It's a catchy rumor, I'll give them that - but even bin Laden himself isn't buying it. In 1993, a British journalist by the name of Robert Fisk became the first Western reporter to get an interview with bin Laden himself. Bin Laden stated in Independent (London), "Personally I, nor any of my brothers, saw evidence of American help while in Afghanistan." I mean I guess if CNN insists we funded him, they must be right. Bin Laden himself must have just been confused on the whole thing. No biggie.

I won't even go into George W. Bush knowing of the planned terrorist attacks before it happened - everyone already knows he's clearly a fortune teller. So Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but George W. predicted it.

All hail wait, President Jalal Talabani? What? Iraq is quite possibly the furthest thing from another Vietnam as they are not communist. In fact, they achieved an even higher voter turnout percentage than that of what the U. S. can conjure up for its own elections. I could dry heave after listening to all of the media demeaning Iraq, calling it a case of eminent "defeat."

However, I guess in some respects, they are right. Maybe how we defeated Saddam Hussein, a mastermind behind a mass genocide against all those who opposed his communist ways. Or maybe how we defeated the official rape chambers where women of opposing political stances were held, tortured, and raped after being charged with false accusations of "prostitution." Or possibly how we defeated the ongoing malicious assault of over 100,000 innocent Kurdish civilians. Or could it be how we defeated the unlawful beheading of thousands of women and children without traces of any judicial review, as they were family members of political resistance figures.

Uday Hussein later confessed he would torture men, women, and children alike by "beating them with iron bars, tanning the soles of their feet and dragging them on pavements until their backs became bloodied, then dunking them in sewage to ensure the wounds became infested."

The Iraq War was indeed a case of defeat, but not on our part. We defeated a weapon of mass destruction by the name of Saddam Hussein, and liberated a whole new generation of people. America helped the Iraqi nation transform into a country of free-thinkers, free to choose any religion, vote for their own elected officials and to live without fear. The media may call this a "defeat," but I already see it as a victory.

Just as the liberal media misconstrues factual stories, they also love to distort figures for the betterment of our nation. I don't think anything smells more ludicrous than the figure of 100,000 Iraqi victims being killed by U. S. forces. It was later disproved by some of the people who helped cnduct it!

But of course, the liberal media somehow passes up on covering the story proving they had fabricated a number once again. Dr. Fumento states, "Researchers usually try to avoid hot spots that skew the findings - like determining how much of a nation's population wears dentures by surveying only nursing homes." Since then a more responsible tally of Iraqi deaths has been recorded by, which projects approximately 87,833 deaths caused by violence. They are quick to clear up that violence entails both sides, including car bombings, walking into the line of fire and other mishaps. This statistic is a little different than blatantly saying the U. S. forces killed over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. Truth seems to be hard for the media these days.

As all of these myths are a little harder to disprove, I am honestly disgusted at the amount of people who believe Iraq had no connections with al Qaeda. Do a little research. Anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence can find there was al Qaeda presence within Iraq. Not only did Saddam Hussein offer refuge to al Qaeda after the week of Sept. 11, but Abu Masab al Zarqawi of al Qaeda had setup a terrorist base camp in Iraq in 2002.

But we'll put the literally hundreds of other al Qaeda connections aside and look at Halliburton and how it was just one big scheme. Halliburton is clearly making a killing in profits at the return profit rate of 2.4 percent. Would you honestly stick with a fund that only returned 2 percent growth? No. This is quite possibly why Halliburton has been trying to sell off Kellogg, Brown & Root, the division of the company that handles the Iraqi rebuilding. Not only was Halliburton's bid contract approved by the U. S. Congressional General Accounting Office, but by many other sectors

And lastly, according to a report, Halliburton was the only company that had what it took to rebuild the Iraqi nation - besides a French contracting company. Now who are we to give the job to? As if the media wouldn't attack our government for not even giving our own company the job.

Well, maybe bin Laden lied to Robert Fisk, President Bush honestly does have fortune-telling abilities, and a country that has bigger voter turnout elections than that of the U. S. really is a futuristic Vietnam. Or more likely, the liberal media jumps at every chance possible to undermine our war on terror.

The media has released misconstrued messages to toil with projected prosperity in Iraq, by making our nation's attitude into a self-defeatist persona. Given the ties between Iraq and al Qaeda, the Sept. 11 attacks, human rights concerns, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and a history of terrorist support leads the educated, intelligent, non-partisan, non-ideologue mind to believe the Iraqi war was justified. The only organization promoting defeat in Iraq, is that of the liberal media, and they're flirting with treason.

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