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Column: Ayers Actions Undeserving Of Defense

This story was written by Bryan Griffin, Independent Florida Alligator

In a Monday Alligator article, four UF professors and associate professors were mentioned as signing a statement backing Bill Ayers and opposing his demonization. These four members of UF faculty should be ashamed of themselves, as well as the rest of the people nationwide who signed this disgusting document.

As an American, I am sickened that the actions perpetrated by people such as Ayers can be overlooked and, even worse, excused.

Ayers was part of a group that tried to kill military officers and their wives in coldblood. Although their biggest plot was foiled, people still died in the attempt. My point is just that it was attempted murder.

There is no way to spin coldblooded murder, but somehow, Ayers is getting off the hook. Whats worse, in an effort to push a liberal agenda and denounce anything that would make Sen. Barack Obamas campaign look bad, American college professors have signed away this murderous and heinous act as something that should be taken in context, as associate professor Linda Jones remarked.

There is no context that makes murder acceptable.

There is no context that would justify the genocide perpetrated by Hitler, Saddam, Stalin or Chavez.

There is no context to justify the despicable acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh or the attackers of the twin towers on Sept. 11.

There is no context that justifies Ayers actions, nor any actions of the members of Weather Underground.

Ayers deserves no respect, regardless of his prominence in urban education and his work with the Annenberg Foundation

Sen. John McCain is an honorable war veteran, but he is attacked and Ayers is defended. That is absurdity. It is a perfect example of the blind support for Obama that excuses anything or anyone associated with him.

If your immediate response to this is that perpetuated by the Bush Syndrome, Bush lied, people died, think again.

Our army has been entirely voluntary under President Bush. The brave men and women of our armed forces choose to defend America. They choose to defend you from people like Ayers.

Anyone that makes such an excuse for a murderer like Ayers should be ashamed.