Colorado welcomes cannabis-curious tourists

"Bud & Breakfast" - no, it's not a typo -- is a Denver inn that's making the most of the rise of marijuana tourism in Colorado

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Marijuana tourism has come to Colorado, not yet competing with the state's ski slopes, but certainly attracting cannabis-curious visitors and entrepreneurs.

Correspondent Bill Whitaker tells 60 Minutes Overtime about a couple he met from New York, Joel and Lisa Schneider, who are not only partaking in the new economy but the pot-punning as well, as you'll see in this exchange about their hotel:

BILL WHITAKER: Bud & Breakfast?

JOEL SCHNEIDER: Bud & Breakfast. You're in Colorado.

BILL WHITAKER: What do you offer your guests that they can't get at any other hotels?

JOEL SCHNEIDER: .... we have a wake and bake breakfast.

BILL WHITAKER: What is that?

JOEL SCHNEIDER: .... First off, we put our three strain samples of marijuana for our guests to start their day off the right way. And then Lisa and her staff prepare an amazing breakfast....

BILL WHITAKER: They eat a lot?


"It's wild," Bill says about his 60 Minutes reporting assignment to Colorado, a trip he took after pot was legalized. "It's the Wild West."

This video was produced for 60 Minutes Overtime by Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, Craig Crawford and Lisa Orlando, and was originally published on January 11, 2015.