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Colorado man's body found encased in concrete

DENVER -- A woman has been charged with murder after her father's body was found encased in concrete in the crawl space under his home in a Denver suburb.

KUSA-TV reported Tuesday that 69-year-old William Mussack's body was found Jan. 10, a month after friends and family stopped hearing from him.

Court records say Mussack texted his son Dec. 7, saying he might have been drugged by his daughter, 45-year-old Dayna Jennings. CBS Denver reports the man said he took a single bite of hamburger and slept for 15 hours.

Investigators on Dec. 27 received a call from concerned family members who hadn't heard from him. Authorities obtained a search warrant for the home where she lived with her father and executed in Jan. 10.

Investigators say Jennings asked for a lawyer and stopped talking as they broke up concrete in the house's crawl space.

She was charged with first-degree murder after deliberation and tampering with a deceased human's body.

Booking documents did not list an attorney for Jennings.