Colorado barber shop keeps pot-stinking customers out

GREELEY, Colo. - You know the sign "no shirt, no shoes, no service"?

Well, a Colorado barber shop is now refusing to serve people who smell a certain way.

The owner, Hugo Corral, said the stench of marijuana on some of his customers got so bad, he had to do something about it.

When Corral first hung a sign out in front of his barber shop announcing the new pot-stench-free policy, he had no idea how much attention it would bring.

"I feel that it's my right to make the statement," Corral said. "It's the same thing as no shoes, no service."

Corral says he has no problem with those who chose to use marijuana, and even calls himself a supporter of the industry.

However some of his customers, many of them with children, started to complain, so he added the restriction on entry.

"A mother calls and says, 'Hey we can't go in there anymore because we don't want it to smell like marijuana when my child's sitting there waiting," Corral said.

For the most part he says the response has been positive. Other business owners thank him for taking a stand, and his customers say it's been a noticeable difference.

Still, not everyone sees it as a good move.

Hugo says he's been threatened with lawsuits and people trashing his window.

In addition to people ripping the sign off, Corral said, "I've had to clean spit off my front door."

Hugo says despite the negative reaction from some he's going to keep the policy in place. Like the sign says: if people don't like it, they can go somewhere else.