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Colo. Restaurant Gets $1M Energy Bill

Jennifer Miller of CBS4 in Denver reports on a local restaurant that got an eye-popping monthly utility bill of more than $1 million.

Co-owner Jittilak Chaivann said when she first glanced at the statement, she saw the first four digits -- 1285 -- and thought the bill looked about right. Somehow she never noticed the next five digits until after the charge cleared the account. Even then she couldn't believe she was off by $1 million.

"Why negative $1,000? And she said 'No, no. You're not negative $1,000. You're negative $1 million.' And I thought 'That's impossible! And my mom, she started to cry," Chaivann said, referring to her mother who was in the restaurant with her at the time.

Here's the story and video.

Local Video from CBS4 in Denver

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