Colo. man accused of using insulin to subdue, rape woman

Frederick Allen
CBS Denver

(CBS) BOULDER, Colo. - Authorities say a man in Boulder drugged a woman with insulin and then raped her.

CBS Denver reports 31-year-old Frederick Allen is accused of using insulin, which is a diabetic drug, to subdue a Boulder woman and assault her nearly a year ago.

Allen was arrested Tuesday morning and is being held on $100,000 bond. Stan Garnett, Boulder County District Attorney, said without the grand jury investigation, the suspect would likely not be in jail.

According to the indictment, in February 2011, Allen supposedly met a woman at a bar and went to her home where Allen says the two had sex.

The victim's roommate described a wheezy sound from behind a locked door the next day. She entered the room 9 hours later to find her roommate naked and bruised and in a catatonic state.

Doctors said the woman was suffering from severe hypoglycemia and had been given an insulin shot.

"The person could become tremulous, sweating, anxiety, and could eventually lose consciousness, depending on how low blood glucose goes," diabetic specialist Dr. Boris Draznin with the Barbara Davis Center said. "(A person) could certainly die this way."

Allen told police he was unsure if he had his diabetic medication with him that night. He said he usually would have an insulin kit if he was going out.

Draznin stated firmly that only insulin from a shot could have caused this reaction.

The grand jury indicted Allen on nine counts with five of them for sexual assault. Allen is also charged with tampering with evidence. According to the indictment, Allen threw away a sheet the victim used when she was having a seizure.