Colo. boys arrested for allegedly running drug lab near school

Kyle Clouse

(CBS/KCNC) BROOMFIELD, Co. - Two Colorado brothers were arrested Thursday on the suspicion that they were running a drug lab near an elementary school.

CBS station KCNC reports that Kyle Clouse, 18, and his 16-year-old brother were caught after police responded to an attempted shoplifting call. According to the police press release,  the boys were trying to take kitchen utensils from a grocery store to make Dimethyltryptaminem commonly known as DMT..

At a home near Emerald Elementary school, police found evidence the boys had tried to make the potent drug, but police found no proof of a finished product.

Clouse and his brother were released, pending charges.

The Denver Post explains that DMT is a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it can be used only as medicine or in scientific research. It is a hallucinogen typically used to lace marijuana. When it in inhaled, it can create powerful experiences. It is usually smoked, and goes by the street names Spice, Dimitri, Fatasia, and Businessman's Lunch.