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College basketball player goes on naked rampage

Leonard Tyrell Young
Leonard Tyrell Young Fresno Police

(CBS/AP) - "Naked rampage" is not a phrase used very often. But it is the only way to describe the actions taken by one college basketball player who caused mayhem across campus after being cut from the team. Fresno Pacific student Leonard Tyrell Young assaulted two women, attempted to steal a police car, and attacked a police officer and his dog - all in the nude.

The Fresno Bee says the 21-year-old Young was nude Monday night when he ran through a convenience store parking lot near the Fresno Pacific University campus. After he was cornered by police officers, the student-athlete withstood three Taser strikes before finally being subdued, police told the Bee.

Witnesses called police Monday night to report Young, who appeared intoxicated to the callers, was rampaging through campus, pounding his fist on cars. Separate witnesses reported that Young assaulted two women at a nearby gas station.

Police were finally able to apprehend the 21-year-old when he attacked an officer, reportedly hit a police dog, and attempted to drive off in a police car. Officers were able to pull Young from the car before he drove off.

According to the Bee, the 6-foot-tall Philadelphia native was dismissed from the team on Monday for a violation of team standards.

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