College Basketball: Monday Morning Dribblings

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
Mark Knoller is a White House Correspondent for CBS News.
I caught the last few minutes of the Georgetown-UNC game yesterday – only because it ran long and delayed the start of "60 Minutes".

As someone who didn't really care about the outcome, I admit I found it somewhat exciting to watch. And every now and then, we'd get a glimpse of the team coaches on the sidelines and it got me to wondering about them.

In my college days, the General Manager of the campus radio station where I worked was a student.

The editor of the campus newspaper was a student.

All the extra-curricular programs had faculty advisors, but they were run by students.

So why shouldn't college athletic teams have student coaches?

Wouldn't that be more in line with a student activity?

Let the furor begin.

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    Mark Knoller is a CBS News White House correspondent.