Colin Powell Exclusive On "Face The Nation"

CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer has an exclusive interview with Colin Powell this Sunday on "Face The Nation" and he knows what he will ask him first.

"It was on "Face The Nation" where Dick Cheney really laid out his concerns about the closing of Guantanamo. He really sharpened his point that Obama is making the country more suspect to a terrorist attack," Schieffer told "He also took a swipe at Colin Powell."

Schieffer said that Cheney even "wondered aloud whether Colin Powell was still a Republican."

"Well that is exactly where I intend to start with Colin Powell," Schieffer said with gumption. "Because, my sense is that he has something to say as well."

Schieffer also told that he wants to get the former Secretary of State's temperature on closing down Guantanamo.

"Does it cause a threat?" Schieffer plans to ask Powell.

"This is a debate we never had during the campaign because, like Obama, McCain supported closing," the prison Schieffer said, "but no one ever got past the first paragraph. How do we close Guantanamo?"

Check your local listings for CBS News' "Face The Nation" on Sunday to see the exclusive interview.