Cold Case: Was Linda Murdered?

In Fresno, Calif., authorities are taking another look at the sudden death of a young woman five years ago. What was initially determined to be heart failure has been re-classified as "poisoning," and the victim's family thinks they know who did it. National correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports for The Early Show on the mysterious death of Linda Adanalian.

At the time of her abrupt death, Linda Adanalian was a vibrant, healthy mother of four. Says her sister, Meg Bakich, "She loved life. She was full of life. And above all else, she loved being a mom."

However, Linda was in an unhappy, volatile marriage. Linda's brother, Dave Dalition, says, "She told friends and family: 'If anything happens to me, you need to look at Mark.' "

After years of silence, the family is now going public with their concerns. But just how Linda died is still disputed. Don Fischbach, the attorney for Linda's husband, Mark, says Mark Adanalian doesn't know how Linda died. "He was surprised about it as much as everybody else," says the attorney.

When Meg Bakich got the call that informed her of her sister's death, what went through her mind?

"Well," she replies, "the first words out of my mouth were: 'Oh, my God. He killed her.' In public, he was wonderful and would say nice things about her. But behind closed doors, he was an angry, angry man with a lot of rage."

Linda and Mark were married in a church in 1987. Ironically, it was on the steps of the same church that she suddenly collapsed. Her four children were with her, and they screamed for help.

All life-saving efforts by emergency room doctors failed. Linda had suffered cardio vascular collapse. The initial autopsy could not determine why. The death certificate listed the cause of death as "pending."

Says attorney Fischbach of his client, "He knows he didn't do anything that caused her death and he had no connection."

Linda's brother, Dave, says, "The husband insisted on trying to persuade everyone that she's simply suffered a heart attack, that it was not worth looking back. But we should move forward with our lives and accept that for what it was."

But Linda had had no previous signs of heart trouble.