Colbert Report Outgifting Faux Rival O'Reilly Factor

Papa Bear, there's a problem with your Factor: Your faux rival gives better guest goodie bags. And we hear this from one of the regulars on Fox's O'Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O'Reilly. Jed Babbin, the new editor of Human Events, did a bit on Stephen Colbert's farcical Colbert Report last week and tells us he was rewarded with a huge cache of freebies. Inside a canvas bag were a bottle of Irish whiskey, a collection of Altoids, gift certificates for a pair of Rockports and a tattoo, and even snacks from Muhammad Ali's new G.O.A.T. ("Greatest of All Time") venture. "O'Reilly," Babbin kids, "has some catching up to do." That sounds like a challenge to us. But Fox wasn't biting. "This is O'Reilly!" says a cable exec. "Just coming on is the goodie bag."

By Paul Bedard