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"Code Black" to welcome cast of "The Lion King"

The overcrowded and stressful emergency room at CBS' "Code Black" will soon receive a special patient - from "The Lion King."

The network and Disney Theatrical Productions said Thursday that Alton Fitzgerald White, who has played the role of Mufasa in the musical over 4,000 times, will appear on the Nov. 25 episode of the medical drama starring Marcia Gay Harden.

White will play a cast member of the touring musical who arrives at the hospital with a throat infection. Fellow cast members gather by his bedside and help other patients find peace.

Show runner Michael Seitzman promises an episode that "gives you chills." He said cast and crew of the TV show were sobbing onset as the professional singers sang "He Lives in You."

It's not the only episode that may give viewers the chills. "There is a lot of blood," Harden told CBS News. "You see the heart beat, you go inside the thoracotomy, its docustyle. Nothing pristine or steel grey here. The ER is serving the county, so it doesn't have a lot of moolah. There is a down and dirty style here...the ER is a mess at the end of the day!"