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Coast Guard rescues dozens of suspected migrants off Florida coast

Coast Guard crews spotted an estimated 33 suspected migrants on a vessel off the coast of Boca Raton, Florida on Wednesday, CBS Miami reported.

The crew was flying over the people who started to jump into the water after the vessel started taking on water.

A Coast Guard cutter is at the scene and three other units are there.

A chopper from CBS station WFOR was over the scene as Coast Guard crews rescued the migrants.

All of them were recovered from the water and were accounted for.

Officials are not sure what nationality they are.

The rescue comes just a two days after 11 migrants who were found floating on inner tubes were rescued. As of Tuesday, crews were still searing for two people who were still missing.

Officials say there has been a large increase in Cuban migrants attempting to reach the U.S. over the last year.

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