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Clyburn's Poster Boy

What's that adage about Washington being the Hollywood for ugly people ... or was it smart people? I always forget.

Well, whatever the case, it turns out House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) has a poster boy in his midst.

Jaime Harrison, his floor director, has been named the honorary Mr. August in the annual South Carolina African-American History Month calendar.

The Orangeburg, S.C., native joined Clyburn's staff full-time in 2003, and he served as executive director of the House Democratic Caucus before assuming his current post when his boss picked up the whip job.

The photo is a bit more staid than, say, the calendar for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders - Harrison poses in a suit and tie beneath the Capitol dome - but how many congressional aides can list such an honor on their résumé?