Clothing Industry Cashes In On Obesity

A few years ago, the clothing industry caught on to the fact that lots of potential customers needed plus-size clothing. But what about trendy teen clothes?

The plus-size industry is hoping to cash in on its newest target audience, Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez reports.

The images are everywhere. Being thin is still very much in. That makes shopping difficult for teens like Gabriela Torrealba.

"It's always like you find this really cute top and small, extra small, extra extra extra small and you're just like, 'OK, is there something wrong with me?'" she said.

Gabriela's most comfortable wearing plus-size clothes, which were not
easy to find in popular teen styles - until now.

Target and Forever 21 are now offering plus-size clothing directed at teens. Clothes and sizes as high as 30.

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