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Clothes for those in need hanging from trees in Boston

BOSTON -- A good Samaritan has been hanging coats and scarves for the needy on trees in Boston Common -- a gesture that's warming the hearts of passersby.

Mittens, gloves, socks and earmuffs also have been draped on trees downtown.

CBS Boston reports that a note hanging from one of the trees reads, "I am not lost...Please take what you need to keep warm."

No one knows who has donated the items, but passersby have been impressed.

"These are tough times for some people. . . any help is needed," said one man to CBS Boston.

Bostonians like Lisa McEachern say they're touched by the gesture and feel inspired to add to the collection.

The city's Parks Department says it plans to leave the items where they are as long as they're not damaging trees.

A woman in Portland, Maine, started a similar campaign, taping coats to light poles.

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