Closing Arguments Continue With Romney, Thompson Ads

Republicans Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney both unveiled new ads today as part of their last-minute push in Iowa, but that's about where the similarities end: While Thompson has taken the standard end-of-the-campaign route with a spot summing up his principles, Romney's ad is only the latest to claim that rival Mike Huckabee's record is inferior to his own.

Thompson's ad is basically a roundup of various endorsements and plaudits from conservative publications and organizations, and it includes praise for his tax plan, his immigration policy (oddly enough, from National Review, which has endorsed Romney), his plan to rebuild the military, and, finally, his support from the anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee.

It then repeats what has been the Thompson campaign's mantra of late – "the clear conservative choice."

On the other hand, the Romney campaign continues to cast Huckabee in a negative light in an ad that's visually similar to past efforts. Some of the contrasts are repeats, too, including mention of Huckabee's support for granting in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants. It also quotes Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who said Huckabee's recent critique of President Bush's foreign policy was "ludicrous."

Conventional wisdom is that Iowans don't care for ads like Romney's especially this late in the game. Then again, some polls indicate Romney has been gaining on Huckabee ever since he started drawing comparisons on air. Only six days until we'll know if his plan actually works.