Clinton¿s Not-So-Secret Weapon Deployed

In a brassy move, the Clinton campaign is dispatching its not-so-secret weapon, daughter Chelsea, to the state where Sen. Barack Obama was born--Hawaii. She arrives at the islands Friday and plans to campaign over the weekend. Campaign insiders tell Whispers that she'll be on her own, making the case that her mom's the best choice for president.

Chelsea has recently stepped up her campaign on behalf of Sen. Hillary Clinton. She has campaigned in about two dozen states, and insiders say they have seen a direct correlation between her stops and Clinton's election performance.

While little has been reported about her efforts, she hit the trail way back in December and visited all four of the first states--Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. And while she's normally pictured with her parents at election-night events, she typically campaigns on her own and flies commercial to the events.

By Paul Bedard