Clinton's New Years Resolutions

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

KEOKUK, IOWA --- On the last day of 2007, people all over the world are preparing to ring in the 2008, but in Iowa, candidates are canvassing the state asking Iowans to stand up and caucus for them on January 3rd.

During a campaign stop in the small town of Keokuk, Hillary Clinton said that in this season of resolutions "where people think about the year that has ended and the year that is to come, there couldn't be a more important resolution starting right here in Iowa than to pick that president for our future."

Clinton spoke to a standing room only crowd at Keokuk Middle School where her message was simple: she's the candidate who can bring change with experience to the White House. "I'm not asking you to take me on faith," she said, "I'm asking you to take me on what I have done for 35 years."

Clinton told the crowd to ask themselves "Who is ready to be president on day one, to walk into that Oval Office take a deep breath, say a prayer and dive in to work, because we don't have a moment to waste?"

In recent days, Clinton has been under fire from her top Democratic rivals who say she's to close to Washington special interest groups. During her speech Clinton said, "There's a lot of talk in this campaign about special interests. You know, 'who is going to be harder on special interests?' These are great applause lines and speeches."

"I submit to you there isn't anybody running who has taken on more special interests and gotten more done and survived the incoming fire than I have. It's easy to talk about taking on special interests, I've taken on the drug companies, I've taken on the insurance companies, I've taken on the big oil companies and I intend to keep doing it," Clinton said with her voice growing louder and louder.

Clinton went on, telling her opponents to save their energy by not attacking one another, rather, try to solve the problem. "Instead of generating a lot of heat and rolling your hands and jumping up and down," Clinton said wailing her arms around, "Let's just sit down and figure out how to beat them."

Clinton's New Year's Eve campaign schedule ends with a concert in Des Moines where she will ring in the year with her husband and daughter Chelsea.