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Clinton's Health Care Push

Hillary Clinton appeared on the "Early Show" this morning to discuss her newly-unveiled health care plan.

"What I'm going to do is put forth a plan that is based on a very simple proposition: If you like what you have now, you keep it," said Clinton. "You keep your doctors, you keep the hospitals you like, nothing will change."

"But if you are one of the 47 million uninsured or if you think you can get a better policy at a cheaper rate that will do more for you and your family, we're going to give you a new health choices menu," she continued. "You'll be able to go into the same system that members of Congress use to get the kind of range of choices and quality that you should have in your health care."

Harry Smith brought up the price of Clinton's plan – saying it cost more than anyone else's – and mentioned that it depends on rolling back the Bush tax cuts, "sacred ground for Republicans." Clinton responded by invoking her husband's presidency:

"The economy did extremely well, as I think we all remember, in the 1990s, when the wealthiest of Americans did a pay a little bit more in income tax," she said. "And under the plan that I have, I will let the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest of Americans expire. But actually, I only get half of what I put into this health care plan from letting those tax cut expire. The other half comes from savings in the system."

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