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Clinton's Favorite Political Pundit Is...Karl Rove?


From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

PRESTONSBURG, KY. -- There's only one Washington pundit that Hillary hasn't slammed as unreliable, out of touch, and even anti-democratic in the past few days. Unbelievably, that Washington pundit is none other than Karl Rove.

Trying to convince voters she is still viable in this race, Clinton told a crowd in Kentucky Monday afternoon, "There've been a lot of analysis about which one of us is stronger to win against Sen. McCain and I believe I am the stronger candidate. And just today I found some curious support for that position when one of the TV networks released an analysis done by, of all people, Karl Rove, saying I was a stronger candidate. Somebody got a hold of his analysis and there it is!"

Clinton has rolled out a TV ad in the past telling people not to listen to television journalists such as Chris Matthews and Tim Russert, going as far to say that they are "folks who don't want you to vote."

"They don't seem to have much faith in democracy," said Clinton, regarding "those TV people."

But now she is using the analysis of President Bush's former top advisor – the same who helped defeat the last two Democratic candidates for president, and has now become a Fox News commentator.

Clinton acknowledged that Kentucky itself has voted in the general election many times for the GOP. "I believe Kentucky has shown...a real...capacity to determine who the president is going to be. Sometimes I haven't liked the way Kentucky voted, but sometimes I have," said Clinton.

Clinton vowed the race will continue past tomorrow's primaries here and in Oregon, despite the latter being a primary Barack Obama is expected to win. "As of today, I have won more votes than any other person who has ever run for a president in either party to be nominated and I am so grateful for that," she said. "I lead Senator Obama in the popular vote. I think that's a great indication and I'm hoping to add to those numbers tomorrow with your votes in Kentucky."