Clinton Waits Out Wisconsin Results in Ohio

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

CLEVELAND -- As voters in Wisconsin prepare to cast their votes for in the Democratic primary there, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are anywhere near the Badger State. Clinton flew late last night to Cleveland, Ohio where she will hold two events today, but the timing of those events remains curious.

Clinton will hold a morning economic roundtable just outside of Cleveland before taking six hours of down time at her hotel. The campaign tells reporters that Clinton will be doing "debate prep" but the debate is not until February 21st and, traditionally, Clinton schedules debate prep the night before the actual debate.

Clinton is, however, also scheduled to do satellite television and radio interviews with TV stations in Wisconsin. Also, daughter Chelsea is in Wisconsin campaigning at the University of Wisconsin and in parts of Madison.

The Clinton campaign has downplayed a win in Wisconsin for weeks, but they know a win there would be an enormous boost, especially after losing the last eight primaries to Obama.

Clinton campaign senior spokesman Mo Elleithee said "Our goal is to do as well as we can and pick up as many delegates as possible."

But it's clear that the campaign is making a real play for Wisconsin and a loss would only add to the momentum currently behind Obama.