Clinton Vies For Ohio

This story was written by Everdeen Mason & Billy Ashley, The Lantern
"America loves baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Hillary," read a sign held by a supporter of Hillary Clinton at the Clinton rally, held in the French Field House Thursday.

After an introduction filled from Gov. Ted Strickland and Sen. John Glenn, Clinton began her speech by evaluating the American dream.

"We need to act like Americans, roll up our sleeves and reach for opportunity," Clinton said to a house of screaming fans.

Aside from the usual ranting about the War in Iraq, taxes, health care and the economy, Clinton attempted to target the Ohio State demographic.

"You're at this great university," she said. "But most young people across America won't graduate from high school. Let's help them."

Clinton spoke of a need to help lower the cost of going to college.

"We're gonna take on student loan companies," she said.

Clinton said she blames the Bush administration for allowing companies to take advantage of students with high-interest loans, which can be as high as 29.7 percent.

Students should be able to get federal loans with interest rates as low as 2 percent, Clinton said.

Despite Clinton's attempt to score with college students, some students were not impressed, such as Deborah Jones, a graduate student in social work.

"I came to see her, but she didn't come to see me," Jones said of Clinton. "She hasn't said anything that touches me yet."

Other students are completely confident in Clinton's ability to be president.

"Hillary is a strong person and a good front runner," said Holly Watson, a junior in social work. "Barack Obama doesn't have enough experience. It takes experience to run a country."

Some students do not know who to choose.

"I like both of them," said Patti Wnoroski, a senior in music education. "I'd like to see an Obama/Hillary dream ticket."

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