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Clinton Trying To Clear The Way?

One of the questions surrounding the potential appointment of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State is what she would do about the nearly $8 million in outstanding bills she has from her presidential campaign (as well as other debt). Federal law would prohibit her from actively raising money to retire the debt and the appearances might not be favorable for someone heading the State Department. Right on cue it seems, Clinton's campaign organization sent out a fund-raising e-mail to supporters with a little bit of an urgent request:

We are living in a very special time in American history, with an election that has redefined the boundaries of possibility and set our nation on a positive path with new leadership.

Things are changing in Washington and we have reason to hope that the next four years will look much different and better than the last eight.

As we look forward to a new era in Washington, there is still one piece of unfinished business where Hillary needs your help.

We need to do all we can to help Hillary by acting now to reduce her remaining debt.

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