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Clinton Tries To Cash A Victory Check


From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton is using her landslide victory in West Virginia last night to haul in as much cash as possible in hopes of staying afloat through the upcoming primaries for as long as possible. "We had a night that exceeded even our own expectations – a stunning 40 point victory," said campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson.

This morning, folding tables and beverage crates are being unloaded onto the driveway of Hillary Clinton's Washington home as she prepares to speak with committed and uncommitted superdelegates today.

It was unclear as to when exactly Clinton will meet with superdelegates -- she spent most of the afternoon speaking with six television networks, including CBS News, while riding the success of a win last night in West Virginia's primary.

The Clinton campaign is hoping to cash a check with the victory, using the double digit lead over Barack Obama to call again for Democrats to see her as a candidate who can regain strength in the battle for her party's nomination. She has sent two e-mails since her win last night asking for online donations to keep her campaign running through what she calls "homestretch" of primaries through June 3rd.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe said that they raised seven figures overnight, but would not specify an exact number. "Money is coming in," was as far as Wolfson would go on the matter.