Clinton Spokesman Mimics Talk Show Host, Calls Obama Camp "Amateur Hour"

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

During an hour long conference call with reporters, Hillary Clinton campaign deputy communications director Phil Singer cited a laundry list of issues why the Obama campaign, he claims, is deceiving the American people including lack of transparency with the press over personal records, a questionable relationship with an indicted landowner in Chicago, even Obama's opposition on the Michigan and Florida re-vote saying "it's no wonder that Americans are coming to see that for all the rhetoric, for all the speeches, his candidacy is really just words."

But what really sent Singer into a frenzy on the call were allegations that the breach in security regarding Obama's passport was linked to the Clinton campaign.

"We will not tolerate being tied to this and we find it reckless and, frankly, desperate when we heard on the 'Today Show' this morning, discussion that the Obama campaign was trying to tie this situation to us. Well, while we understand that they are feeling a little nervous about their current political situation, the current context of their campaign, we don't think that is appropriate."

Singer went on to jab the Obama campaign saying that "it's no wonder why top journalists are going onto morning shows calling the Obama campaign 'desperate' and that it is 'amateur hour in Chicago.'" Singer later attributed those comments to MSNBC's Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough.

Despite Singer's strong words, there has been no proof that the Clinton campaign had anything to do with the security breach. In fact, both Clinton's and John McCain's passport info was also breached.

During the call, Singer reiterated Clinton's call on Obama to support a re-vote in Michigan and Florida, saying that leaving out these two states will hurt the Democratic nominee's chances in the general election. "There needs to be a solution to the situation in Michigan and Florida which insures that voters there are able to participate, that they are counted in this process and that they aren't disenfranchised," said Singer, "With a war to end, with an economy to fix, with so many other challenges facing our country right now, we can't afford to let the Obama campaign's political needs get in the way of delivering solutions to the issues we are facing as a nation."

As the campaign continues to tighten and as recent national polls have shown an upward trend for Clinton's campaign, the rhetoric between the campaigns remains heated. The Clinton campaign has been on the defensive following Super Tuesday, when Obama dominated the political spectrum with 11 straight victories in the run-up to the March 4 Ohio and Texas primaries. Now, after winning those two states and with polls showing Clinton leading Obama in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd, the campaign tone has become more aggressive.

"The Obama campaign is in political hot water given the news stories over the last several weeks and is basically desperate to change the subject. They are seeing the ground shift away from them," said Singer.