Clinton Says Obama Is "Nitpick"ing Her Record

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

PITTSBURGH -- Hillary Clinton took several questions about Barack Obama and the purgatory of Florida and Michigan delegates from reporters aboard her press plane as it took off for Scranton this morning.

Clinton held her press availability shortly after finishing a St. Patrick's Day parade appearance. She was questioned about accusations by the Obama campaign that she did not have any sort of prominent role in peace deals with Northern Ireland.

"I understand the desire of my opponent to nitpick," said Clinton, but argued that she had a role that was "validated many times" and maintained that has visited Northern Ireland for the purpose of peace agreements "more than Bill Clinton has."

"I don't know how many times Senator Obama has met with the Secretary of State from Ireland," said Clinton, maintaining that she meets with him frequently.

Clinton was asked about Tony Rezko's amount of fund-raising for the Obama campaign and the role of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, recently dismissed from the campaign, Clinton said repeatedly, "I think those are questions for Senator Obama and the Obama campaign."

On Michigan and Florida, where it has yet to be decided whether or not the two states will have the opportunity to have their delegates acknowledged in the election, Clinton said she hoped to see it happen.

"My position is to count their votes and count what they've cast or revote," said Clinton.

"It's important to send the message that we value them, we need them."

Asked if it was unfair to change the rules of the primary last minute, Clinton said "the rules are difficult" but she believes ultimately votes need to be counted and soon.

"I just want Michigan to make a decision," said Clinton.