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Clinton Reaction to Bhutto Assassination

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

LAWTON, IOWA -- Hillary Clinton reacted to the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Ministar Benazir Bhutto today saying, "The world is once again reminded of the dangers facing those who pursue democracy and free elections in Pakistan and elsewhere, in areas that are rife with conflict and violence and extremeism and anti-democratic forces at work."

"I have known Benazir Bhutto for a dozen years and I knew her as a leader. I knew her as someone was willing to take a risks to persue democracy on behalf of the people of Pakistan. She wrote a very moving autobiography which begins with the assassination of her father who was had been the leader of Pakistan and was killed as well."

"I grieve for her family, particularly her two children. And I grieve for the people of Pakistan who deserve to have an opportunity to vote for leaders of their choosing, who deserve to have democracy take root in a country that has tremendous potential that is not being realized because their system of government has oppressed or undermined the abilities and talents of millions of Pakistanis."

"And I hope that if their is any opportunity for the government and people of Pakistan to respod to this tragedy appropriately, it would be to move more steadfastly and determinately toward democracy. She has given her life for that hope."

"And I know to the people of our country stand in solidarity with those who believe, as we do, in the rights of people to be heard at the ballot box. We're about to see that begin in our own country in just a week, and so it is a particularly poignat moment for us to extend our sympathy and condolensces to the Bhutto family and to the people of Pakistan. And I certainly will do anything I can to support the continuing efforts to democratzie a very important and critical nation to the future of that region and the world."