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Clinton, Obama Keep Sparring Over Mandates

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez, on the campaign trail with the Clinton campaign: The Clinton campaign called on Barack Obama to take down a health care ad he has running in New Hampshire, calling it a "false ad." The campaign claims it Obama is misleading the public saying that he is for universal health care coverage, when his plan does not cover all Americans. Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle wrote, "The American people need a President who will take the action necessary and fight for healthcare for every single man woman and child. Until the time comes when Sen. Obama has a plan that will cover everyone, you should stop running this false advertisement. The American people deserve an honest debate about health care."

"The Clinton campaign didn't say a word when this ad was released a month ago, and the only thing that's changed since then is the poll numbers. The truth is, Barack Obama would offer health coverage to every single American who can't afford it, and he'll do it by bringing Republicans and Democrats together like he's done before. Rather than spending their time attacking Barack Obama, the Clinton campaign should explain how exactly they plan to order every American to buy health insurance even if they can't afford it," said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

For the record, Clinton has yet to say how she will enforce mandates, whether penalties will be issued for those who do not purchase health care.

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