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Clinton: No Vote for Puerto Rican Vets "An Injustice and an Insult"

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO -- During an evening Memorial Day service in old San Juan, Hillary Clinton spoke of the unfairness in U.S. policy toward Puerto Ricans who risk their lives in the U.S. military and have their voting rights stripped when they return home to the island. Clinton called the action "an injustice and an insult."

Clinton's message on a day when Americans honor those service men and women who gave their lives in combat was simple: every U.S. citizen should be given a right to vote.

"I believe it is long past time that we give the people of Puerto Rico - United States citizens all - an equal voice in the vote for the commander-in-chief who sends young Puerto Ricans to war."

Clinton also took on critics who oppose the right of Puerto Ricans to be granted a vote for the presidency saying, "To anyone who would suggest that the people of Puerto Rico do not deserve equal treatments, equal benefits and equal opportunities because of their position as United States citizens, I say 'Come see this monument. Read the names on this monument.'"

The Memorial Day service brought to an end a weekend of campaigning for Clinton who now heads out West where she will campaign in Montana and South Dakota.