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Clinton Hails America's Troops

President Clinton is taking some time out of his Far East trip to give thanks to America's servicemen and women. His gratitude came during his weekly radio address, which he delivered from South Korea.

"On Thanksgiving, I will be back in the United States, and, like thousands of Americans, I will offer a prayer of gratitude for our troops at home and overseas," the President said.

But the President says that he has more than just words of thanks for the troops. He pledged to do all he could to make sure they are prepared for whatever may come their way. "We are working hard to make sure our forces have the resources they need to remain the best in the world. Every time we face a challenge, our armed forces deliver for America. It is imperative we deliver for them by giving our military the strength they need and deserve," he said.

While on his trip Clinton will visit troops protecting the Korean Peninsula. On Monday he heads to Guam before returning to Washington.

Meanwhile, Republicans used their weekly radio address to push President Clinton to reform Social Security. Speaking for his party, Congressman Bill Archer of Texas, who is in charge of the House Ways and Means Committee, urged Clinton to come up with a sound solution. "Without a specific plan from the President, this very difficult task will become much harder and some even say impossible," he said.

If the President does take the initiative, Archer believes it could turn out to be the highlight of his two terms. "Saving Social Security will require Presidential leadership and it will require specifics. It will require something that only President Clinton can provide. I urge him to make this the finest hour of his Presidency, " Archer said.

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