Clinton Goes Door-to-Door in N.H.

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- In an effort to draw support for a campaign that has hit several speed bumps, Hillary Clinton went door-to-door, braving icy sidewalks and frigid temperatures, to stump for votes today.

Clinton, armed with campaign flyers and accompanied by state Sen. Lou D'Alessandro, knocked on about 10 doors. The campaign maintains that the residents were not warned about her visit, which proved to be true given the fact that at several homes, no one answered the door. The people who did open their doors, also opened their homes to Clinton inviting her in for a brief chat. But along with Clinton came the media.

We stood outside in 18 degree weather pushed up on snow banks waiting for Clinton to arrive.
Wearing a gold jacket that matched her hair perfectly, she tiptoed on the snowy streets knowing that any slip would be captured by both local and national media and would probably be posted online within minutes.

Her campaign shaped the event specifically for the media. As we arrived outside the homes of residents, we were quickly ushered inside by campaign staffers in order to capture Clinton having face time with voters.

At one point, the former First Lady made her way into the home of Kimberly and Kevin Pare.

Inside, Clinton was greeted by the couple's children who asked the Senator about education. Clinton spent an unusual amount of time inside the Pare family's home -- perhaps to be away from the freezing temperatures outside.