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Clinton Focus: America's Cops

President Clinton said Saturday he wants to improve the nation's police forces, CBS News Correspondent Dan Scanlan reports.

In response to recent allegations of police wrongdoing, President Clinton stressed the importance of increased police training in his weekly radio address.

Mr. Clinton called for a $40 million hike in funding for training and an additional two million to be used for recruiting minority officers.

"Police departments ought to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve," President Clinton said.

Mr. Clinton also called for a nationwide program that would help regular people better understand what the police do.

The president said he was "deeply disturbed" by charges of police misconduct in New York, Pittsburgh and California.
One day earlier, the president showed he still believes in a place called Hope.

Despite a bone-chilling rain, the president took part in an outdoor ceremony dedicating the house where he spent the first four years of his life.

The trip to Arkansas came the day after he got back from a four-day, four-nation trip to Central america.

It had been almost 31 years since an American president set foot in three of the four countries Mr. Clinton visited this week.