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Clinton Dons Derby Hat

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

LOUISVILLE, KY. -- After campaigning in parts north in Indiana, Hillary Clinton made her way south to the Bluegrass State, home to this Saturday's Kentucky Derby, and during her visit Clinton was definitely feeling the derby spirit.

At a campaign stop at her Kentucky headquarters in Louisville, Clinton arrived to cheering crowds who lined the streets waiting to get a glimpse of her. But this time the crowd may have noticed something different as Clinton emerged – a large, floppy, flowery hat. She was wearing the traditional headgear of women at the Kentucky Derby, which she will not be able to attend because of her campaign schedule. Instead, daughter Chelsea will represent the Clintons.

Clinton smiled and donned the hat for a few moments, but took it off to enter her headquarters and greet her Kentucky staff, no doubt because there was a horde of reporters and television cameras waiting inside.

Accessories or even full-blown outfits outside the normal daily wardrobe worn by the candidates are highly frowned upon by senior campaign staff. We only need to look as far back as 2004 to John Kerry, who was photographed and teased mercilessly for wearing what appeared to be a moon suit, but was in fact a sanitary outfit while he toured an aeronautics facility.

Clinton is often teased for her hairdo and pantsuits, so the last thing she needs is to parade around the country wearing a flowery hat. She did parade for a little while, however, and you can check out the video below.