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Clinton Chats With The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

The news out of Pennsylvania today was that Hillary Clinton weighed in on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy when she told a newspaper editorial board, "he would not have been my pastor … You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

But somewhat lost in the hubbub over this latest jab at Obama was the very fact that Clinton was meeting with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board at all.

Published by billionaire conservative activist Richard Mellon Scaife, the Tribune-Review is known for its opinion page, which tilts heavily to the right. During the 1990s, the paper published a series of stories examining the case of Vince Foster, the former White House Deputy Counsel whose 1993 death was ruled a suicide after several investigations.

The Tribune-Review was at the forefront of conspiracy theorists who speculated that Hillary and President Clinton may have been involved in murdering Foster and covering up his death. As late as 2002, the Tribune-Review published a column suggesting Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations would be tampered due to the Foster "cover-up."

Asked at a news conference this afternoon what it felt like to sit in the heart of the "vast right-wing conspiracy," Clinton laughed.

"It was actually very pleasant … " she said. "I said in the beginning when I arrived that it was obviously somewhat counterintuitive for me to be there, but it was a good discussion."

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