Clinton Campaigns With A Surprise Guest: Mom

From CBSNews' Fernando Suarez:

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Clinton called on Iowans to "Take A Buddy to Caucus" tonight at a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa. But Clinton surprised the crowd when she revealed her "buddy" was her mother, Dorothy Rodham.

Clinton took the stage with her mother for the first time during this campaign and was greeted with a standing ovation, despite being nearly an hour late to the event. Senator Clinton said her mother wanted to join her in Iowa becuase she had not visited this state in nearly 53 years. The former First Lady reminisced on a time when she was a child and her family came to Iowa for a "mini vacation."

Clinton recalled that her family stayed at the Tall Corn Motel. "Does anyone remember the Tall Corn Motel?" Clinton asked. Only a few audience members clapped as though they had heard of the place. Mrs. Clinton said her brother and she thought the motel was "the greatest experience ever" because there was a tiny swimming pool where she said they spent most of their time.

Mrs. Clinton spoke for less than 30 minutes, spending the majority of the time encouraging her supporters to get friends and neighbors to come out and caucus on her behalf. Clinton said she wished she could caucus in Iowa but said, "of course this wouldn't be right" since she is not a resident of the state.