Clinton Campaign Pays Indiana U. Part Of $55,000 Debt

This story was written by Savannah Worley, Indiana Daily Student
Hillary Clintons campaign paid $19,372 of the $55,000 it owes Indiana University, said IU Spokesman Larry MacIntyre on Wednesday.The money pays for Bill Clintons visit April 2 to IU.

MacIntyre said IU officials predicted the Clinton campaigns debt even before Clinton arrived on campus.

We were certainly aware of the likelihood that there might be a delay in payment, he said. Political campaigns are notorious credit risks. They always have been for all parties, not just Democrats.

IU Auditorium Director Doug Booher agreed with MacIntyre, adding that the situation isnt out of the ordinary for anyone who uses IUs facilities to give lectures, speeches and set up other events.

Depending on the timing, this seems to happen with student groups and private clients, he said. This is something that is not out of the norm.

Booher said clients have 30 days to pay their debt before they receive a second notice from the Auditorium. However, he said he couldnt recall a time when clients failed to pay after the second notice. The money the Clinton campaign owes is three weeks overdue, meaning the campaign has one more week to pay before it receives a second notice.

Its not totally out of the ordinary, and most clients take care of it within the 30 days, Booher said. They tend to resolve it.

IU junior Charlie Ginzburg said the debt shouldnt be a big issue. However, he said he would have liked to see other candidates who he believes would probably pay their debt on time.

If she is going to pay it, then it was worth it, Ginzburg said. But they shouldve brought John McCain.

While Clintons campaign still owes IU about $36,000, Barack Obamas campaign has already paid the University for his own appearance April 30 at Assembly Hall the Dave Matthews concert April 6, MacIntyre said.

IU senior Ellie Schreiner said she wasnt able to see any of Clintons appearances but doesnt think the debt should affect her credibility as a presidential candidate.

I really dont think it should affect who should be president, she said. Its a good thing she came here.

MacIntyre said despite the failure to pay the debt, he is glad Clinton and her campaign decided to take IUs invitation because IU isnt a regular stop for presidential candidates.

We were well aware of the risks, but we thought it was important to have her campaign come to IU, he said. We felt it was a good thing for students to see her in person. Opportunities like this dont come very often.

Booher said despite the risks and the possible delays in payment, he hopes IU wont rule out inviting candidates

to campus.

We can all agree that we are pleased to offer the opportunity to the students, he said. I dont want to see IU eliminate the option.