Clinton Campaign Finds New Ways To Draw Contributions

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

MEMPHIS -- Although Hillary Clinton has said on multiple occasions that she has the financial backing to compete against Barack Obama, she has been out raised and outspent in every major contest since Super Tuesday. Today, the Clinton campaign adopted a new strategy to help raise funds from supporters who are weary about how the money will be spent.

In an e-mail entitled "MyPA" Hillary Clinton tells supporters that her campaign needs money to win Pennsylvania. "We need yard signs to show our campaign's strength. We need vans to get Pennsylvania voters to the polls on April 22. We need ads on the air and online to compete against the Obama campaign. And starting today, you can decide just how your contributions will help us win Pennsylvania. MyPA, our new online effort dedicated to winning the Pennsylvania primary on April 22, allows you to designate exactly where you want your money to go."

The new strategy comes just one day after the Obama campaign announced raising $40 million-plus in the month of March to Clinton's $20 million. Clinton leaves little to the imagination in her e-mail saying bluntly, "We face an opponent who is outspending us by as much as 4 to 1 -- I need your help now."

In a press release today, the campaign's internet director touted the $15 million raised online last month saying "Our grassroots supporters have come through once again, with over $15 million in contributions in the month of March," Internet Director Peter Daou said. "We are gratified to see such a continued show of strength."