Clinton Camp: Voters, Not Pundits, Control Nomination

Following last night's split decision – which many saw as a victory for frontrunner Barack Obama – a number of pundits are suggesting that the Democratic race may effectively be over. But Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton sent a signal that she plans to fight on, scheduling a noon rally in West Virginia, the next state on the primary calendar.

She'll be joined at the "Solutions for the American Economy'' event at Shepherd University by her daughter Chelsea. She also plans to hold other events in the state over the next two days, and her husband Bill is scheduled to campaign there on Thursday.

Not all the signals from the Clinton campaign were so positive: Clinton cancelled her morning show appearances today, and an aide revealed that the New York senator lent her presidential campaign $6.4 million in the past month.

UPDATE: On a conference call with reporters this morning, Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson said that while "many pundits have counted Senator Clinton out many times during this contest... the punditocracy does not control this nominating process – voters do."