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Clinton Camp Offers Chance To Watch Presidential Debate With Former President

An email just sent out by the Clinton camp contains an unusual offer: The chance to watch one of the presidential debates with former President Bill Clinton.

"Hillary's campaign will pick three people -- each invited with a guest to watch one of the upcoming presidential debates with me," says the email, which is signed by Bill. "We'll sit down in front of a big TV with a big bowl of chips, watch the debate, and talk about the race."

Which raises the question: What kind of chips?

If you want a chance to win, you're going to have to pony up: The only way to have a chance to be among the lucky three is to contribute to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

The letter, interestingly enough, contains a plea to contribute soon, since "end-of-quarter deadline will be here in just a few days." Says Bill: "After Sunday, September 30, Hillary's fundraising numbers will be compared to those of her opponents, and every dollar you contribute between now and Sunday will make a huge difference."

In short, any cash you can contribute will help further convince the press that Hillary may well be an unstoppable candidate -- and that's exactly what the Clinton campaign wants.

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