Clinton camp fires back after Weiner's 2016 comments

(CBS News) In an interview with BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith on Monday, embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner hinted at knowledge of a 2016 presidential run for Hillary Clinton when he spoke of his wife Huma Abedin's professional future.

Weiner said he had knowledge of a role for Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide, in the 2016 campaign. When Smith pressed him on what that role might be, Weiner said, "I'm not telling you."

Washington insiders took it as a sign from an insider that Clinton is mounting a 2016 presidential bid, despite the fact that her camp has remained tight-lipped on the matter for months. 

Tuesday, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told CBS News, "We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about. Maybe his campaign does. Doubt it though."

Following a mayoral debate in New York on Tuesday night, Weiner responded to reporters grilling him about the Clinton camp's response to his comments, claiming he was misunderstood.

"The question was do I know what my wife is doing. And the answer is yes, it was a joke. Have you ever heard that sometimes people say yes but if I tell you I have to kill you. It was a joke. Everyone laughed. It was a joke," Weiner said, defending his remarks from Monday.