Clinton camp confirms Bieber conversation, apology

(CBS News) An aide to former President Bill Clinton confirmed to CBS News Thursday that Clinton did field an apologetic phone call from pop star Justin Bieber on Wednesday.

The call came after a video of Bieber behaving badly went viral (see video below). In it, Bieber urinates into a night club mop bucket and goes on to spray a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid while "F*** Bill Clinton."

After the call with Clinton, Bieber tweeted this message:

After the apology, Bieber reportedly offered to get involved with the Clinton Foundation, the family's organization committed to international health, economic, and leadership development.

According to the aide, the president counseled the young star -- who has consistently landed himself in tabloids for wild behavior recently -- advising him that if this is the worst he's done, he'll be fine. The aide added that Twitter-watchers are not likely to see a response to Bieber's tweet from the former president's account.

"When you're a teen star that just wants to make people happy...this is not where Justin Bieber wants to be," Christopher Farley of The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog, told CBS News.

Still, Farley said the recent flap is not likely to jeopardize Bieber's standing with his dedicated fans or so-called "Beliebers".

"Whatever he does...whatever music he puts out, they're going to love it. They're going to be his hardcore fans...the question is, can he continue to develop new fans?"

Farley says this week's night club incident itself is "not a big deal" but becomes more damaging in the context of the recent string of outlandish incidents.

"Can he grow his brand in this kind of atmosphere where every single week there seems to be a new incident that makes you question whether he's a real artist or whether he's just someone who belongs in the tabloid pages?" Farley asked.