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Clinton Blames Obama Campaign For Distorting MLK Comments

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

RENO, NEV. -- During a press conference today, Hillary Clinton accused Barack Obama's campaign of distorting comments she made last week regarding Martin Luther King's role in the civil rights movement.

Clinton said in an interview in New Hampshire earlier this week that Martin Luther King's role during that time was facilitated by the help of President Lyndon Johnson. The comments drew fire from the African-American community who felt Clinton belittled King's efforts.

"I'm particularly offended at the way some have taken out of context and apparently deliberately tried to mislead others about what was said," said Clinton inside a local Mexican restaurant in Reno. Clinton called the attacks "baseless and divisive." She went on to say that she was "personally offended at the apporach taken that was not only misleading but unecessarily hurtful."

"It clearly came from Senator Obama's campaign and I don't think it is the kind of debate that we should be having in our campaign."

The press conference came as Clinton wrapped up a full day of campaigning in Nevada, which will hold caucuses next Saturday.

Yesterday, Obama spoke at a campaign rally in Las Vegas where he told a large group of supporters, "Since I'm in Las Vegas, I'm going to say: I'm the jackpot. My bet is paying off."

When asked about this comment Clinton took the opportunity to jab Obama.

"I don't think this election is about us, it's about the American people. The jackpot belongs to the American people," said Clinton.

"You know, to me, this is not a gamble. I'm ready to lead. No one has to take a chance on me."

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