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Clinton Back In Full Hill And Campaign Mode Next Week

Outside of Tim Russert's funeral last week, Hillary Clinton has had no public appearances since she dropped out of the presidential race.

This week, she'll be back in full force, campaigning for Barack Obama, appearing for Senate votes, speaking before Hispanic public officials and meeting with Obama privately to discuss campaign finance issues.

Politico first reported Friday that Clinton would return to the Senate this week, contrary to other reports that she would stay off the Hill for a month.

Now, her complete schedule is beginning to emerge. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Clinton will be in the Senate, potentially for votes and the weekly Senate policy luncheons, where Democrats and Republicans lay out their political and policy strategy.

It's not clear which vote will be Clinton's first as she returns to the Senate, but she and Obama may be around for two major national security votes - the $186.5 billion Iraq funding bill and a major Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act overhaul. 

On Thursday, Clinton will meet with Obama privately to discuss campaign finance issues - Clinton closed her campaign with significant debt and there may be discussions on how to pay down Clinton's debt. Later Thursday, Clinton will both speak to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, reaching out to a key constituency that Obama needs in the general election.

And Friday, Clinton and Obama will hold their joint campaign appearance at a location that has yet to be disclosed. Due to the mystery surrounding this huge campaign event, Politico had some fun this weekend guessing where the duo might appear.

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