Clinton Asks Voters to Enter into "Contract" With Her, Jabs Obama


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- During an outdoor rally before over 5000 at the Fort Worth Stockyards, Hillary Clinton asked the crowd to hold her accountable if she becomes the next president of the United States. "I'm asking to enter into a contract with you" she said. "You give me the vote and the trust that comes with the confidence that represents, and I give you my best effort every single day to translate all these speeches in to action, because there is a big difference between speeches and solutions."

Clinton continues to take jabs at Barack Obama's experience, claiming that his campaign amounts to nothing more than speeches and words. "When I lay out all of these specific plans, some people say 'well, she's so specific, she should just come and transport us to make us feel good.' Well, I can do that," Clinton said, drawing laughter from the large crowd. "But I want you to know what I will DO as your president, because I don't want anybody to take a leap of faith on me because we are in this together."

Clinton's remarks come just three days before the March 4th contest, where the former First Lady finds herself in a dead heat with her opponent. She says she'll continue to stress the importance of national security, an area where she believes Obama is vulnerable. "I think it is a defining issue and it is one that the voters of Texas and America deserve to think about and have information to make their decisions," she said. "We need a president who is prepared when that telephone rings at three am to pick it up without job training, without speech making, and make the decisions that will protect and defend the United States of America."

Clinton has used this "get tough" tone in Texas, a state that is made up of more conservative Democrats than Ohio, for example. Clinton said she's "ready to go in and roll up my sleeves" when she becomes president. "My opponent says it's fear-mongering to talk about national security and the fact that we are at war. Well, I don't think the people of Texas scare all that easily," she said. "We have real enemies who are sitting in a cave somewhere trying to figure out how to hurt us again. We're not going to be able to ignore the reality of the world we live."