Clinton Asks Texas Voters to Vote Twice

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

DALLAS -- Hillary Clinton made her way to here with one simple message: to get supporters to vote early and to vote twice. Voting in Texas doesn't come easy. For one, Texas Democrats hold both a primary and a caucus, and in order to secure as many delegates as possible, Clinton needs her supporters to vote in both, which may seem like a lot to ask.

During a chilly outdoor rally Clinton tried her best to explain how the process works. "Some of you may not have heard that there are two elections which you have to participate in. You know, there is a primary on March the 4th, in which you can vote early until February 29th or vote on March 4th. But then I need you to go back on the evening of March 4th to the convention in order to stand up for me." Clinton added that if voters stand up for her, she will fight for them everyday in the White House.

Clinton spoke for about 20 minutes and in that time Clinton managed to knock her opponent on health care and his experience. "There are real differnces in this campaign," Clinton said claiming that Senator Obama's health care plan leaves out 15 million people.

"I am very committed to working with you to create the kind of political change that will actually produce results," said Clinton adding, "I do want to turn hope into reality, promises into practice and words into action."

On the way to the event site, a Dallas Police officer on a motorcycle guiding Clinton's motorcade crashed and died. As the press bus approached the scene, the officer lay face down in a pool of blood, the motorcycle was torn to pieces. Following the rally Clinton gave the following statement to reporters:

"I have just learned of the death of a Dallas police officer in a devastating accident that occurred as the motorcycle officers were leading out cars to this site. We are just heartsick over this loss of life in the line of duty."

"This reminds us once again what our men and women in law enforcement do every single day and it is important that we respect and appreciate their service."

Out of respect for the fallen officer, Clinton cancelled her afternoon rally in Fort Worth, and will make a quick stop to meet with the officer's family before leaving for Ohio.