Clinton Appeals For Votes (And Laughs) On SNL

Hillary Clinton made a stop on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, appearing next to Amy Poehler, who plays Clinton on the show. (They were even wearing the same outfit.)

"I simply adore Amy's impression of me," Clinton said as Poehler appeared onstage and the pair complimented each other's outfits.

"Tonight I just want to relax, have fun, not worry about the campaign," Clinton went on to say. "No politics." She then went into an appeal to the citizens of Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont and Pennsylvania, prompting laughter from the audience.

"Saturday Night Live" made news recently for a seeming endorsement of the former first lady from guest host Tina Fey.

"We have our first serious female presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton," Fey said. "And yet women have come so far as feminists that they don't feel obligated to vote for a candidate just because she is a woman. Women today feel perfectly free to make whatever choice Oprah tells them to."